Dames in the San Antonio Texas Chaine

Dames and other "Chaine Lady Professionals" hold their own meeting (lunch) once a quarter, plus hold an annual dinner and/or field trip in which they invite  their spouse or date.


Bailli Honoraire
Ponce Helloise
 maria hendersonfinalweb
Dame Maria Henderson

Chargée de Missions
Honoraire Carol Klein
Richie Seymour2
Dame Richie Seymour  
nicole Pietramale-2 copy2
Dame  Nicole Pietramale

 Monica Anabel Ressel

Professional Du Vin
Monica Ressel

Dame Sandi Goldner
Catherine - this one
 Vice Chargee de Mission
Catherine Milbourn

Bailli Vivian Ray

Kathryn ONeill copy 2
Dame Kathy O'Neill 

Chargée de Presse Hon. Judy
beth-munsey-Guinn-copy-webDame Beth Guinn

Dame Sonia Chiang

Dame Cheryl La Plante 
linda Elliott-22
Dame Linda Elliot

Dame Cindy Bachman

Chef Rôtisseur
Tanji Patton

Dame Elaine Carroll 

Dame Soonalyn Jacob
Dame Nancy Finney  
Dame Fran Chudnow
Jennifer Degner2
Dame Jennifer Degner 
Dame Cinnamon Mitchell
Mias new
Officier Mia Rosen
Kathleen Whitten - CopyDame Kathleen Whitten

Dame Aspasia Erian
Dame Amanda Schonfeld

Martha Uhler3
Dame Martha Uhler
Dame Carmen Goldberg 
Betsey wilcox-new-3
Dame Betsey wilcox
christa horn-finalweb 
Dame Chista Horne 
Dame Gillian Beswick
Theres Casianoxxx 

Dame Maria Theresa Casiano
kathy ripps-finalweb 
Dame Kathy Ripps 

Tomoko Hilton-3
 Dame Tomoko Hilton 

Sandy Langstonxxxx

Maitre De Tabler Restaurateur    Sandra Ann Langston


Cheyl Kelly
Dame Cheryl Kelly 
Debbie Barnesxxx
 Dame Debra Barnes


Chelsea Woosley2
Dame Chelsea Woosley 

Rosanne Shaker

Dame Rosanne Shaker

Dame Criselda Pena


Dame Ashley Langston

Dame Danna Phillips

Tory Davis - Copy1
Dame  Tory Davis

Dame Chistina Martinez
Patricia L Parker Weber
Dame Patriica Parker Weber  
Maria Elena Frade2 copy 2
 Dame Maria Elena Frade
janace wade-new-2
Dame Janace Wade

janet Maloney-2
Dame   Janet Malomey 

Odie Harbaugh-2

Dame Odile Harbaugh 

Wow, we have a lot of "Chaine Lady Members."  I hope I counted all these charming ladies!! 

Past Dame Events